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Healthy Food Options In & Around Charles County

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Eating healthy while dining out IS possible in Charles County. There are lots of meat-free, vegan, and vegetarian options to choose from. For those looking to eat healthier, start with these recommendations near St. Charles Apartments.

Silver Diner

Silver Diner serves high-quality and locally-sourced dishes. Their vegan and vegetarian options are clearly marked on their menu. For a completely cholesterol-free meal, try their veggie chili or pineapple basil veggie and quinoa pasta stir-fry. Another great option is the roasted veggie ciabatta filled with veggies and pesto sauce or the warm roasted veggie salad topped with champagne vinaigrette. Want a guilt-free dessert? Grab the hibiscus mango soy shake made with soy milk and vanilla soy ice cream.

Big Mama’s Soul Food

Big Mama’s Soul Food makes it easy to order healthy food with their separate menu section for vegan options. They have different salads, a baked ziti bowl with tofu sausage, falafel served with pita bread, a veggie bean burger, and curry tofu over rice.

Szechuan Garden

Craving Chinese food? Most Chinese restaurants have a separate menu section for vegetable dishes. At Szechuan Garden, try the Buddhist delight vegetable stir fry, broccoli with fresh mushrooms, eggplant in garlic sauce, and Ma Po tofu.

Dat Jerk Caribbean Chargrill

For meat-free and authentic Caribbean food at Dat Jerk Caribbean Chargrill, the key is to order enough sides to make a full, satisfying meal. You can choose from rice and beans cooked in coconut milk and spices, sweet fried plantains, red beans simmered in coconut milk and garlic, and fresh cut fries in Caribbean spices.

Thai Palace

Thai cuisine generally offers meat-free dishes. With some customization, you can enjoy a delicious, cholesterol-free meal. For starters, try the crispy tofu in sweet chili and pineapple sauce or Som Tum Papaya salad. For their main entrees and curries, ask to sub the meat with tofu and to make it without fish sauce. They also have a whole separate vegetarian section on the menu with dishes like Pad Tofu, spicy eggplant, and ginger broccoli tofu. For dessert, get the coconut sticky rice.

Pho D’lite

Pho D’lite is another restaurant that includes meat-free menu items. They even let you sub meat with tofu in their Asian salads and curry dishes. You can also order the Pho Veggie noodle soup that’s cooked in a vegetarian broth, as well as the Vermicelli Tofu, which is grilled tofu and veggies served on vermicelli rice noodles.

Want to go to a chain or fast-food restaurant? Yes, there are options! At Olive Garden, their breadsticks, minestrone soup, marinara, and kinds of pasta like angel hair, fettuccine, and spaghetti are all vegan and cholesterol free. For burgers, Red Robin has a delicious soy-based burger patty. Chipotle is another great place to go for meat-free meals, like their burrito or burrito bowl with sofritas tofu meat.

Other places to easily find healthy food options are Mexican restaurants, which usually have a vegetarian option for their burritos and tacos. Don’t have a vegetarian option? Just ask to sub the meat with more beans and veggies. To make it vegan and cholesterol-free, ask for no cheese or sour cream. Japanese restaurants also have a lot of great options like miso soup, seaweed salad, vegetable tempura, and avocado or cucumber sushi rolls.

Healthy and meat-free eating is possible in Charles County and the St. Charles Apartments are the perfect location to do so, as there are many options nearby! For inquiries, contact us today.